Author, animal advocate, entrepreneur, and crime/mystery buff pretty much sums up who JanMarie Kelly is in a nustshell.

JanMarie has always been into mysteries and crime as well as completely intrigued with the human mind, add to that her love of reading, research and her passion for writing and you can see how she has become the founder of a unique Crime Company called True Crime Fiction Inc. Her stories aim to fill the gap between the known facts of a case and the untold story behind it. The whole reason she writes crime stories is to understand the darker side of human nature and not just to solve a crime.

There’s not a day that goes by that she is not thinking about, watching, reading, researching, planning, or writing about murder and crime and all the ways she can share that passion (as well as the information she learns) with others who find this field as fascinating as she does.

She can be found on social media & HubPages, in crime groups and bookstores, as well as posts/articles/short stories here on her own site.