It’s In Our Blood

Ever wonder what it is about crime fiction that fascinates people so that they keep coming back for more?

Well, if you are a crime fiction addict you know the answer (or should I say answers) — it’s the strong desire to understand human behavior; the intrigue with how the mind works (or in some cases doesn’t seem to); the heart pounding, breath holding, edge of your seat experience that can be had by letting yourself get swept away inside someone else’s terrifying experience.

Now there are many different ‘sub-genres’ of crime fiction and all have different draws for their particular audience. You can have anything from thrillers, detective fiction, court room dramas, police procedurals, stories based on true crime and even cozy mysteries. And while there are different fascinations with each particular sub-genre there is definitely an underlying fascination with danger and ‘the chase/hunt’ in all of them.

From the relatable main characters, those imperfect and all to human protagonist of most crime fiction, to the need to see justice done, crime fiction captures its readers at their very core and if done right will keep them captivated until hopefully some resolution and more importantly justice can be dealt.

With true crime you don’t always get a resolution and quite frequently the victims never see adequate justice – if justice at all, and so many readers of true crime have other factors that draw them back time and time again.

Some are left with this need to resolve unsolved crimes and so they delve deep into crimes, absorbing every aspect they can get their hands on to try and figure out what happened and why (though the why is quite often missing in many true crimes). Other are just fascinated by how some people can do the things they do and still others enjoy the intellectual aspects of piecing things together and drawing conclusions from what they see.

So you see, the fascination with the human mind and human behavior along with our innate love of a good mystery to piece together and ‘solve’ draws us in, time and time again to the world of crime fiction with all of its intrigue and uncertainty.

It’s a fascinating world with ever evolving methods for both killer and the good guys and if you are one of the many who enjoys the suspense, the hunt, the puzzle solving then stay tuned because we will be bringing you plenty of all of the above to satisfy your endless thirst for more.

Photo by: Alexandre Boucey

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